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You may be wondering, how did I get into fitness and become a trainer. It’s a long story, but I’m going to try to keep it short. My journey in fitness began when I was younger maybe between 10-12.
I came across this show called American Ninja Warrior and I knew I wanted to be on there. So, I just started doing Bodyweight training inside my room and eventually lead to me training in a gym when I was older. Fast forward a few years now I’m 18 still working out and coaching friends, but the career I was pursuing was becoming a Firefighter and EMT.

I loved helping people and changing lives, so that’s why I choose that career. I eventually ended up struggling with an illness called Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome. I ended up being in and out of the hospital, so while I was battling that I ended up taking Personal Training Courses.
Today, I am now blessed to be able to pursue my passion of helping people, by coaching them to live an all around healthy and enjoyable life.


My journey took an unexpected turn when I discovered a newfound passion for creating meal plans. Throughout my childhood and high school years, I grappled with establishing a healthy relationship with food, a struggle that hasn't completely gone away. However, it was precisely this personal history that fueled my commitment to helping others navigate their own challenges, and heal their relationship with food.

Being part of the Warriors Revival team has provided me with a platform to transform my own experiences into a source of support and understanding for those facing similar struggles. The process of creating meal plans has become more than just a task; it's a means of empowerment and healing. Witnessing clients embark on their journey towards a healthier relationship with food and knowing that I played a role in that transformation is an incredibly rewarding experience. It makes every effort and dedication worthwhile in the pursuit of fostering positive change in people's lives.

- Leah Metellus

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